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Factory trained master safe technician. (cash handling safe) cash dispensing safe-banks, safe repairs, safe opening, general safe services. What happens if you’ve lost or forgotten where you hid the safe key? Don’t attack the safe with a sledgehammer or chainsaw (surely mean a trip to the emergency room), avoid the headaches and medical bills by contacting an experienced safe locksmith.

Many people don’t realize how secure a safe is until something happens, and they can’t access their money, passports, jewelry, or other important valuables. Perhaps they misplaced the key. Or maybe the lock was damaged and isn’t working correctly. Whatever the situation may be, our professional safe locksmith can help in the following ways:

  • Unlock a safe
  • Create a new key
  • Repair a broken lock
  • Bank Safes
  • Money Dispensing Safes

Need help? Contact us at (508) 309-2177. We’ll unlock the safe quickly without damaging the valuables inside.

With our Trustworthy Reputation you don’t have to let just anyone handle your most important possessions. At Safeway Locksmith, we respect the privacy of our clients. In fact, we’re one of the most trusted safe locksmiths in Framingham and the surrounding areas. Read the testimonials from previous customers to learn more about our reputation as a locksmith service.

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