Residential/Commercial Rekeys

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You’re living and working space needs protection beyond that of a standard lock. At Safeway Locksmith, we understand this and offer exceptional business rekey services to our customers in Boston and surrounding areas. A residential/ commercial rekey a service is a great option if you are a new tenant in residential or commercial property and don’t want the old keys to work on the lock. A business or home rekey should be done only by professional locksmiths and we have the best team to assemble and disassemble locks. We use proper techniques and high-tech tools to serve your unique rekeying needs.
Rekeying a lock is a unique process that involves changing a lock so that only a new key can unlock and lock it and no old keys can be used to open or access the property. In both commercial and residential cases, the process is often followed when a key is lost or stolen or maybe when is not returned to its first owner. It may be necessary for increased security to choose rekeying services so that old locks could not be accessed by previous tenants. It is an ideal option to rekey locks so that only new keys can work.

Commercial Rekeying

For commercial set-ups, rekeying can be an ideal option rather than changing all the locks of a new office or building. Changing every single lock of the new office can be both daunting and more expensive, and rekeying the locks to go perfectly with new keys can be a quite simplified process. Our professional team at Safeway Locksmith can work with the small, medium, or large businesses to do this—whether you’re a large corporation trying to rekey an entire building’s locks or you are a small business with some specific requirements, we are available to provide you with fast and the most effective rekeying services at the best prices. Most common practices in commercial rekeying are:

Residential Rekeying

When you opt for a residential lock rekey service, you eliminate the need to buy a whole new set of door knobs and locks for your home. Furthermore, you are rest assured knowing that you or only your family members control the accessibility of your house and all of the things kept inside your home. Our team of trained and certified locksmiths uses only the most advanced equipment and techniques to guarantee a smooth residential rekey service that delivers trusted and reliable outcomes. For all of your needs related to a residential/commercial locksmith, Safeway Locksmith has got you covered.